Review: Airplanes Rides

Airplane Rides: Observations From Above - Jake Alexander

When this book was advertised on NetGalley, it looked interesting, so I requested it. Unfortunately, this is one of those books that just doesn't live up to the description. Promising interesting stories told by fellow passengers on an airplane, I have to wonder at the choices of some of the stories offered here, as the people he discusses are for the most part as jaded and unlikeable as he comes across. We start with the story of a passenger who is so rigid in his faith that he would kick a woman from his family who married outside of their specific faction of their faith. It's then followed up by a couple of cheaters: one woman who is cheating on her husband and who the author encourages sexually on the flight, and then another woman who is a serial cheater and who is now with a new man... but for how long? We're also introduced to a man whose marriage fell apart because of his hunger for money and power. The main characters has a mild dislike for the men, but is more than happy to encourage the woman, also showing up snippets outside of the "airplane stories" where he talks about his own behavior, sleeping around with whoever is available, even playing games to get more woman.


I hope this book is supposed to be a story of redemption for the author, and that he realizes that perhaps his life is not going in the direction he wants it in, but I stopped reading it about 60% of the way in out of complete disgust. The main character's moral compass is stuck on "sleeze" and I can't find anything encouraging, fun, or unique about the stories he shares... either his own or the stories told by his fellow passengers.


Perhaps the stories and the character get better in the last 40% of the book... but at this point I have no desire to find out.


Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.