I don't need a head to read, right?

As much as I enjoy reading, my brain doesn't seem to like to function, especially recently. Since my insurance has been screwed up for most of this year, and the earliest I can get in to see a new doctor is mid-October, I'm reaching out for advice. More hospital visits are not in my budget.


Other than curling up in a dark room and trying to convince my husband to let me chop my head off, any suggestions that can help someone with chronic migraines? I'm resistant to must over-the-counter pain meds and I'm just about out of my Canadian AC&Cs with no ability to get more in the near future, and I can't get new prescription meds until I get in to see a doctor. Natural meds like Valerian, Chamomile, and Feverfew do nothing. By chronic, I mean that I have a migraine 4-5 out of every 7 days, and I've been getting them for 19 years... And they can't figure out why, even after years of tests and specialists.


My first choice is still to chop my head off, but hubby objects for some odd reason. I'm poor and I'm in pain, and I don't know what to do anymore.






UPDATE 9/21/2015 9am Eastern: Thank you for all of the information, everyone! While not everything will work because of my stupid insurance, there is a lot of great information here. Some of it I've tried previously, but some I haven't. I really do appreciate everyone taking the time to post on here... it's great to see that people care. *hugs*