Review: Jerry Is Not a Robot

Jerry Is Not a Robot: A Novelette - Gregory Marlow

Twenty years after the robot war, humanity is still healing from their losses. To protect themselves, anything even slightly mechanical or electrical has to be created in a simulation and approved first, to reduce the chance of another disaster. Joel, a simulation engineer student, finds himself thrown into a nightmare when he finds out that his new internship assignment is to work on a robot... 


But is Jerry a robot?


The title of the novella claims that Jerry is not, but the reader will need to make his or her own decision based on the facts of the story. Tying Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics to human decency  - and perhaps even a little revenge - this short story is sure to please most lovers of science fiction, and shows that a tale can pack a surprising amount of information and wonder into just fifty pages.




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