Review: The Immortality Chronicles

The Immortality Chronicles (The Future Chronicles) - Gareth Foy, Harlow C. Fallon, D.K. Cassidy, E.E. Giorgi, Paul B. Kohler, Drew Avera, Will Swardstrom, Thomas Robins, John Gregory Hancock, D. Robert Pease, Samuel Peralta, Patricia Gilliam, Carol Anne Davis

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be immortal? After a while, what would you do? The quest to gather wealth would eventually grow boring, and with every movie watched and ever book read, after having watched all of your friends and family die before you, would you crave the cold caress of death?


The Immortality Chronicles is a collection of stories all dealing with, well, immortality. It's not a comfortable book, but it is a good one, making you realize how sweet mortality is even as the days pass by. As children, we all want to grow up, but as adults many of us wish for the carefree days of our youth. This collection takes us into the minds and stories of the people who can't, who are doomed - one way or another - to live forever.


I always have a difficult time reviewing collections, because while each story has its own merits and thrills, the book as a whole has to come together seamlessly, taking us from story to story in a way that makes us want to read more until we come to the end, sad that it is over. Samuel Peralta has once again gathered a talented group of authors to share their stories, and I'm happy to say that there wasn't one story I disliked.


This collection has everything from time folds to immortality serums, from a plague that makes the world stop aging to a man who becomes more machine than human in his quest to live forever. If I had to pick a favorite story, it would probably be "Eternity Today" by Thomas Robins. In this story, an accident on Near Year's leaves humanity reliving January 1st over and over again, coming together to find a solution even though actions have to be restarted every morning. Another favorite is Harlow Fallon's "A Long Horizon," where we learn the tale of a woman destined to live hundreds of years, only to reach the end of her journey as one of the only survivors on a prison ship. A third favorite made me actually stop reading for a while - "Rememorations" by Paul B. Kohler caused me to think about how ever person and every decision is tied together in my past, and what the loss of one would do to everything else in my life.


After reading this collection, as well as a few others in The Future Chronicles, I'm excited to read more by these authors. Not only did I find a book that actually made me appreciate my own life so much more, but I also was introduced to a few more authors that I hadn't yet looked into. This is a great 4 1/2 star book and one I would recommend to any fan of science fiction.


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