Review: Clones: The Anthology

CLONES: The Anthology - Daniel Arthur Smith, Rysa Walker, R.D. Brady, Susan Kaye Quinn, Samuel Peralta, Nathan M. Beauchamp, Hank Garner, Michael Patrick Hicks, P.K. Tyler, Joshua Ingle

Clones: The Anthology collects stories from ten different authors into a brillant collection, showing us the many different ways that the world could be if clones readily existed. Starting out the collection is a story called The Confessional, which is broken up into three parts — the latter parts appearing in the middle and at the end of the collection. Making up the rest of the collection are stories dealing with loss — clones replacing the ones we love and have lost — the creation of clones for host bodies or to find the lost secrets of evolution — and even the use of clones in government conspiracies and cult sects, as well as other themes and storylines.

While I enjoyed all of the stories, I especially loved "Black Site", by Michael Patrick Hicks, which was twisted and dark, showing that sometimes it's best to leave the unknown alone, and "B.E.G.I.N." by R.D. Brady, which gave us the bittersweet story of a woman in over her head, and the unlikely love she finds.

Overall, this was a great collection... I would give it a solid 4 1/2 stars, upgraded to 5 stars on Amazon since they don't allow half-star ratings.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review