Review: The Mercy of Time and Chance [Kindle Edition]

The Mercy of Time and Chance - Joyce DeBacco

Portrait of a Family:


There is only so much that you can see when viewing a portrait.  You see the smile on the faces, the people in their prettiest clothing, and a perfect moment caught by camera.  However, you don't see the secrets and betrayal between the man and his young bride, the truth behind the woman who keeps "falling down the back stairs" or the children struggling for approval and love.

"The Mercy of Time and Chance" takes an Italian-American family and shows you three full generations and the beginning of the fourth, spanning from 1902 to 1980. The author illustrates the how a desperate family can get involved with the mob, how barriers between class and ethnicity exist, and how easily people are born and die.  And she does this skillfully, with managing to involve all generations of the family so that you are honestly interested in the characters.. of course, you may be honestly interested in pushing some of them off of a cliff at times, but you are still interested! This novel shows not only the portrait of the family as the story starts, but you see more detail and color added as the story continues, until the finished painting shows the completed story of a family.

While I did receive this book in return for an honest review, I will not only recommend this novel but others written by the Joyce DeBacco as well.  Her writing style will keep you satisfied with the story as it is, but also wanting to learn more about the world that she writes in.


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