Review: Purenet

Purenet: The Sanction Scifi Series - H.J. Lawson

At some time in the future, humankind resides under domes designed to filter out the harmful effects of a damaged world. But not everyone is lucky enough to live in one of the Sanctions. In the Cueva, adults and children hide from the sun's rays in caves, eating meat sent to them from the Purenet Sanction... but denied medicine, privacy, and even the right to better their life without selling themselves. Refusing the choice to be the Host to a pureblood's children, Skylier ends up on the run with medicine for her mother and supplies for the Grounders: a civilization of people who have somehow managed to survive under the open sky.


Purenet is a great example of a good dystopian novel. Complete with a powerful government using whatever means necessary to keep the lower class down, you also have the "insider" turned "outsider" - in this case a banished pureblood who has motivation to being the corrupt government down. This novel is fast-paced, has well-developed characters, and plot twists that work. While individual components or plot points of the book may have been seen before, the author manages to weave the story together in a way that keeps you excited, and constantly introduces surprises.


My biggest complaint is that the book seems too short. I feel that the story could have been expanded somewhat in this new book, as parts feel rushed and some history and relationships could have been expanded on more. At the end of the story, there is the anticipation of what will happen next to Skylier, what Dax will do, and what everything will mean to the future of the Cueva and Purenet... but there is also the feeling of just a few too many loose threads or untold stories in the whirlwind ride this first story takes us on. I look forward to reading future books in this series, and I can only hope that the author takes the time to fill in some of the gaps left unsaid in Purenet: The Sanction Series Book 1.


NOTE: I received a copy of this book through a Booklikes giveaway.




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