Review: Zombies From The Deep

Zombies From The Deep - Nick Grey

The zombies came out of the water, and the gulf soon bled in the sunset. No one knew what caused the apocalypse, though many theories were thrown around by the survivors: Cuba, a curse from Atlantis...Even Obamacare was blamed. Few people survived and the undead were everywhere. Driving to a cabin to hide, Mike, his wife Sara, and a random couple they met all strive to survive as long as they can.


This book starts out as your standard zombie apocalypse novel. Zombies, blood, death, and the need to escape dominate the story, however the reactions of the survivors doesn't quite fit the mold. Sara is more concerned with getting her deposit back from their vacation condo, while Teresa is too busy trying to have sex with everything alive. Jim and Mike are the only two who fit the stereotype, going out to try to kill the zombies that get too close.


This isn't a long story, and it moves quickly. While reading it, I almost expected the usual end where the characters either stay on the run from the zombies or become zombies themselves. However, the end throws you for a loop and all of the sudden you think back about all of the quirks that didn't seem to fit the story and it makes you want to read the book over again. My initial review was going to be four or four and a half stars for a well-written and enjoyably fast-paced tale, but the end spiked it up to five stars. I WANT to read this story again now, to see if I can catch any subtle clues that might point to the unexpected ending. Even now, I'm thinking back about the events in the book...


If you like zombie stories but want to read something that doesn't quite fit the norm, I highly recommend ZOMBIES FROM THE DEEP by Nick Grey. For $0.99 (for the kindle format), you really can't beat the price! Warning: Sex, Blood, and Adult Language are present, so this is not a book for the squeamish.


Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.




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