Review: Naughty & Nice: Single's Night

Naughty & Nice: Single's Night: (BDSM, BBW, MFF, Lesbian) - Marisa Oldham, S.M. Rose, Noah Wilde, Emma Payne, Angelia Rourke

Naughty & Nice: Single's Night is an anthology containing four connected short stories, all about men or women attending (or working at) a Single's Night event. Marisa Oldham starts out the collection with Lucy, a woman who doubts her own attractiveness after being left for a younger and thinner woman. This is one of the sweetest stories in the book, showing that appearance shouldn't matter if someone truly loves you. The next story, submitted by S.M. Rose, shows the story of Claire, Lucy's friend who is dragged along to the club, and Claire's own realization of what she really wants in her own life and relationships. Noah Wilde's addition takes us to a slightly wilder side, giving us a story from the point-of-view of a man who enjoys consensual BDSM, and Emma Payne's conclusion to the anthology, Last Call, shares the tale of the bartender who watched everyone at the event... and her own potential Happily-Ever-After ending.

I like my erotica with an actual plot, and I was happy that this anthology delivered. There is plenty of sex, some vanilla and a lot more adventurous, but enough of an actual story and likeable characters to make it enjoyable outside of the obvious. I enjoyed the first and last stories the most, but all were good.

4 1/2 Stars for a fun collection of romance and erotica.

NOTE: I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.