Review: The Wicked + The Divine: Fandemonium

Fandemonium - Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie

Every ninety years, twelve gods are reborn into the world, taking the bodies of young people previously thought to be normal. Only Ananke knows who the gods will be, as she shepherds them into and through the two years before their bright stars burn out.


This is the second volume of the series, collecting issues 6-11 of the comic. While some comics are designed so you can pick them up at any point in the series, you really do need to read volume 1 (or issues 1-5) before you read this, or you will be lost.


I loved the first volume enough that I gave it five stars. This second one... I love it and hate it to the extreme. If I could simultaneously give it both zero stars and ten stars I would. Since I can't, I'm also going to give it five stars. The reason that I both love and hate it is that the comic manages to evoke such strong feelings that I just stared at the book in shock at the end... I will not give spoilers, but I will say that I cried. I cried twice, seeing what happened, knowing what was happening in another scene, and putting the pieces together in my mind for what has happened in the past and the plans for the future.


Ananke's talk with Baphomet seemed strange at first... Why put that idea into his head? And yet at the end I'm already figuring out her reasoning. It's dark. It's wicked. And it's a reminder that there are no real winners here.


This 6 issue collection contains both highs and lows. Beautiful artwork, happy realizations, the answer to one mystery and the beginning of another, and a reminder that even if you're immortal, it doesn't mean that you can't die.


Since I refuse to wait until the next collection to find out what happens next, I will be hunting down the individual comics... 12-14 are currently out so that's at least something!


*Library Copy*