Review: Hour of Mischief

Hour of Mischief - Aimee Hyndman

Clockwork gods rule over the land, one for each hour. Above them sit the Mother and Father, the hands of the Clockmaker. But before the twelve gods were created, the elder gods ruled over the seasons, and nearly destroyed the land. They were locked... and are now striving to be free.


Janet is only seventeen years old, but a child of the slums doesn't remain a child for long. Though she looks more to the Clockmaker and doesn't have much respect for the twelve gods, she is a thief and theoretically under the gaze of the God of Mischief, Izatura. Unfortunately for her, after she and her team of thieves are thrown into prison, she falls not only under his gaze, but also under a pact with him, agreeing to help the god in return for her friends' freedom.


Hour of Mischief is a non-stop, thrill-laden adventure, full of gods, shapeshifters, and other beings and monsters out of myth and legend. The characters are fun and I found myself really liking Janet and Izatura, as well as several of the other gods we are able to meet. The author is only able to dip into the immense world surrounding this story, showing the reader that there is still so much left to tell, even though this book itself is a wonderfully complete story on its own. While this book it not marked as the first in a series, I really really hope that the author continues the tale. I want to know Izatura's secret, and just who exactly is Janet... or what?


4 1/2 Stars for a near-perfect tale.


Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.




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