Review: Wrong Number, Right Guy

Wrong Number, Right Guy (The Bourbon Street Boys Book 1) - Elle Casey

When May receives a text from an unknown number, she assumes that it's from her sister's new phone. Meeting up with her "sister" proves to be the worst - and possibly the best - decision she's made. After she finds herself in the middle of a gun fight, May is rescued by a biker with a scary beard. But who is he really, and why does he seem to concerned for her safety?


After months of undercover work, everything falls apart for Ozzie when a woman walks into a biker bar. Saving her means blowing his cover, but he never expected that he would see her again that after night. When he discovers that she actually has an aptitude for security work, things get a little confusing... and dangerous.


Wrong Number, Right Guy is a fun romance threaded throughout with danger and laughter. May's internal voice cracks me up, and the book never takes itself too seriously, sometimes bordering on the absurd. We can all sympathize with May's sister and the evil autocorrect at the beginning of the book, and who hasn't had a million thoughts going through their mind at the thought of a hot guy and what might possibly happen after the lights go out? May's stream of consciousness is a constant thread though the book, make the story relatable and amusing.


While I was glad to see that May wasn't entirely helpless and managed to protect herself in multiple situations, I had to roll my eyes when Dev yet again underestimated her. Once was funny. Twice was hilarious. When the third time rolled around I got a little frustrated with how forgetful and/or dense the character seemed to be.


May and Ozzie are the characters that are developed the most, which makes sense, since they are the main characters. We're introduced to the other Bourbon Street Boys, though more information is given on Toni than Dev, Thibault, or Lucky, leading me to hope that the next book in the series might be about Toni. We also learn a lot about May's sister, with some foreshadowing threaded throughout the book that makes me think Jen may have a larger part later in the series.


In the end, this is a good and fun book. The ending was a little rushed for my taste - I think things were resolved a little too cleanly to be believable, but it is fiction, after all. A slight disappointment at what may seem like a semi-rushed ending is tempered by the fact that I know we will see more from this author and these characters in the future, and I look forward to seeing what adventure comes next for the Bourbon Street Boys!


I received a free, advance copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased review.




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