Review: The Z Chronicles

The Z Chronicles - Stacy Ericson, Angela Cavanaugh, Jennifer Foehner Wells, Kris Holt, Theresa Kay, Deirdre Gould, C.A. Boore, Ann Christy, Will Swardstrom, Geoffrey Wakeling, Peter Cawdron, Samuel Peralta, Ellen Campbell, Hugh Howey, Lesley Smith, David Adams

It's a sign of a good collection when I put my kindle down and realize that I now have many more books to read, either series that I was introduced to from the short stories I've just finished, or a realization that I would read just about anything written by one of the authors, so caught was I by the prose and inspiration.


I have been a lover of zombie tales for years, of all shapes, styles, and yes... Speed. From the slow Romero-esque zombies to ones that move fast enough to take down a running human, there is just something fascinating about zombies. Perhaps that is why I also met my husband while playing an online zombie survival game.


Though many iterations of zombie tales, my love for the genre still exists, and this collection is food for my dark and twisted soul.


The Z Chronicles fulfills every zombie fan's fantasy by showing us all aspects of the apocalypse we expect, from the initial "rising" to the run for survival, to the mind of someone turning and to the despair of someone who was cured. With one exception, I loved these stories. Unfortunately, one story - while it dealt with death - did not feel like it fit the zombie theme to me, and that was "The Sin Eater." Other than that one aberration, I felt that the rest of the short stories stayed true to the zombie theme, though some were able to branch off and give us a new definition of what a zombie is or how it behaves.


So many of these tales were excellent, too many to name them all. I was going to list some favorites, but realized that it's too difficult to pick just a few favorites out of this collection. There is everything from cyborg-zombie hybrids to zombie football, from the depths of human selfishness to the courage of others fighting and protecting others. There really is something here for everyone, and most likely someone will even love the story I didn't... and that's fine too. This collection is a true adventure into many faces of the undead, and a book I highly recommend.


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