Poison Study Read-Along Chapters 9-17

Poison Study  - Maria V. Snyder

For Poison Study's tenth anniversary, the author Maria V. Snyder is hosting a Read-Along of the book. The week, the "assignment" was Chapters 9-17.


Chapter 9 opens with Yelena realizing that even in Valek's rooms she may not be safe, brought to light by a message scrawled in the dust. Still an outsider, Yelena finds herself at odds with even the kitchen staff, friendless and alone. But is she? Valek and Yelena grow closer together, with him seeming to care about her as more then just a convicted-criminal-turned-servant.


But a magician is after Yelena, and Valek grows suspicious. In a land where magicians are killed - if they can't escape - Yelena's untrained magic is as much of a threat to her life as the poison that keeps her from running away.

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This section ends with Yelena making friends in unlikely places, giving her a semblance of hope. 


I love this book, and reading it in short sections is a fun experience, since it causes me to actually think about the sections and how they all work together to create a wonderful adventure.