Review: Tales from the Canyons of the Damned

Tales from the Canyons of the Damned: No. 1 - Daniel Arthur Smith

Tales from the Canyons of the Damned takes us into the mist, giving us three short stories filled with unknown - and sometimes unseen - horrors. After first having been introduced to the mist and what lies within in his short story Tower, we now see the fate of others in what I have to imagine is the exact same mist.

In Sandhogs, a work crew is stranded six hundred feet below the streets of Manhattan. The Penthouse brings us to a view from within the mists itself, as a man named Jack drinks alone while pondering his fate. The Harbor takes us out to a ferry, where a visitor just wants to go home with her daughter. All three of these locations have one thing in common... the mists, the creatures within, and the end of the world as they know it.

Though I will admit that I liked Tower better, the author's story that introduced me to the mist, this was a great collection and I enjoyed the chance to see the fates of others when brought face-to-face with a reality filled with nightmares.