Review: Tails of the Apocalypse

Tails of the Apocalypse - Harlow C. Fallon, Todd Barselow, E.E. Giorgi, Adam Hall, Michael Bunker, Steven Savile, Hank Garner, Deirdre Gould, Chris Pourteau, Stefan Bolz, Brian David Bruns, Edward W. Robertson, Jennifer Ellis, Mary Buckham, Nick Cole, David Adams Richards

There are so many books and stories about an apocalypse - with every book having its own idea on what the apocalypse will be - but not many books mention our four-legged or winged friends. When you think about this, it's strange, since I know so many people who consider their pets to be family members, but it's almost as if the world has come to the conclusion that pets will all be lost, or forgotten, when the zombies arrive or the world ends.


Tails of the Apocalypse takes the opposite approach, giving us fourteen short stories that are either told from the point of view of the animals, or where our animal friends are a central part of the plot.


Overall, I had to give this collection 4 1/2 Stars. Many of the stories will haunt me past reading this, while others were still great but didn't have the same impact. When reading a collection, I usually like to say something about each short story, but it's more difficult when you have a collection with this tightly-woven of a theme, since in some ways every story is alike, while still managing to keep its individuality, so I'm just going to say that I liked all of these stories, loved some more than others, but that there wasn't a single story that I disliked. Whether told from the eyes of a human or of an animal, the authors are able to reach deep into your heart and make you feel exactly what their characters are experiencing.


Usually when we think "pets" we think of cats and dogs, but this collection also contains stories of wolves, parrots, bats, budgies, and others, along with feline and canine friends. And every stories contains some tale of the world's end, whether by zombies or volcanoes, war or disease.


If you enjoy apocalyptic tales, and are a lover of animals of any type, I think you'll enjoy this collection. In addition, this book is being sold for a good cause as well, with $1.00 from every copy sold going to Pets for Vets.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.