Review: A Whimper

A Whimper - Will Swardstrom

I have this ongoing debate with my husband on the future of humanity, with the advances in technology coming quicker each year. My personal opinion is that our own government regulations will cripple advancement, keeping us from our full possibilities.

After reading this story, I now think that a scarier future is one in which the government pushes technology along... With their own agenda, of course.

A chip in your brain. Easy access to the internet. Without having to do more than think about it, you're watching television, downloading apps, making phone calls, all within the confines of your skull. But then you get rickrolled... Harmless but annoying... and you later discover that it was all just a ploy to hack your temporal lobe. In the world that we live in, who's to stop a virus from being implemented from within an app? What antivirus program can you install in your brain? And what do you do when the safeguards are the things that end up destroying you?

I'm not saying that all this happens within this short story, but the author makes you think about the possibilities and the pitfalls. How much technology is too much, and who should control it?

5 stars for a well-written story that is too plausible to ignore.