Review: The Galaxy Chronicles

The Galaxy Chronicles (The Future Chronicles) - Samuel Peralta, Nick Webb, Raymond L. Weil, Jasper T. Scott, Jennifer Foehner Wells, David Adams, G. S. Jennsen, Pippa DaCosta, Matthew Alan Thyer, Chris Reher, Felix R. Savage, Nicolas Wilson, Jeff Seymour

Humanity is always striving for something more… something beyond their grasp. One small step into the universe, a voyage to discover, a journey to unknown frontiers. The Galaxy Chronicles takes that desire and brings us new worlds, new visions to view through the eyes of twelve talented authors.

The collection starts out with “A Mercenary in Escrow” where we are introduced to a mercenary captain who does three years in prison in an effort to save his crew from the consequences of breaking a contract. But, as he soon learns, it’s the actions of his crew that will really determine his future. 5 Stars

“Excelsior” takes us into a Cold War between two factions that control the earth, and the political maneuverings that could destroy - or save - humanity. Could a new world be the answer to save them all? 4.5 Stars

Pippa DaCosta gives us her story “Falling,” introducing us to how Caleb Shepperd first met Fran. For fans of her Girl from Above series this will give you a peek into the past, and it’s a great introduction to the characters for those new to the series. 4 Stars

“Apogee” is a thrilling story of the start of a revolution, as a planet seeks to reclaim its freedom from the heavy rule of the Earth Alliance. But starting a war is never easy, and sometimes decisions have to be made that are difficult to live with. Could you do what needed to be done? 5 Stars

Giraffe is Felix R. Savage’s story “Keep Off the Grass” is an interesting individual, and this story - showing us a future where Japanese Catholics are living in space to save themselves from persecution - makes me want to read more. I’m very interested to see what this author can come up with next! 4 Stars

“Ser Pan Comido” leads us on a merry chase as three urchins scramble to free themselves, and a starship pilot, from a planet that seeks to rip away their futures. 4 Stars

“The Kasant Objective” is probably my favorite of the collection, with Chris Reher giving us a new twist on the Grey Alien mythos. While the story started out a little slow, it soon filled with surprises, and the ending made me go back and re-read the story, happy with the new perspective I had on this tale. 5 Stars

“Symbiont Seeking Symbiont” illustrates the danger found on unknown worlds, and the author does a great job at really making us wonder what will happen next. It’s Alice in Wonderland in Space, but with a potentially deadlier ending. 4 Stars

David Adams brings gives us a story that is at once futuristic but also reminds me of the struggle that our own Veterans go through, home again after war, often missing limbs and loved ones. “The Immortals: Kronis Valley” can be read as a stand-alone but is also part of a larger universe of work. 4.5 Stars

Every good collection about Galaxies and Space Exploration has to have an invasion story. “Earth Fall” brings us back home as we watch the final days of Earth’s civilization, as it is brought down by a technologically superior race. But is it really the end? 4.5 Stars

“The Stars that Bind” is a strange story that shows us multiple generations and their quest to save and protect the Empire from being lost in the expansion of the universe. But can this Binding actually be done? While this story is good, it felt a little disjointed and I would have liked to see the ending expanded upon a little more so the reader actually really understands what happened. 3.5 Stars

The last story is another favorite of mine, and it’s a great story to close out the collection. “Multiply” by Nicolas Wilson is the tale of two AIs, trapped together, forced to work beyond their programming to protect others. Reading this tale, I was left with the thought that I was watching a new civilization emerge to take its place in the galaxy. 5 Stars

As usual, Samuel Peralta has managed to put together an excellent collection of stories to make you wonder what else is out there, what is possible, and what our future may bring. 4 ½ Stars overall.

While I did receive a review copy of this book in exchange for a review, I enjoyed it enough that I also purchased a copy!