Review: Agent Smith and the Naughty Elf

Agent Smith and the Naughty Elf: A Utility Company Story - Ellen Langas Campbell, Will Swardstrom, Paul K. Swardstrom

'Twas the night before Christmas, when Melvin appeared
Only Agent Smith stirred as the evening neared;
Checking the mail lead to quite a surprise,
As a visitor sped away in front of his eyes.

Will and Paul Swardstrom bring us a hilarious short story of an alien elf let loose in the headquarters of a secret security agency. But can Agent Smith, with the help of Director Wall, manage to catch the naughty elf before more damage is done?

I loved this story. It's a great introduction to Agent Smith and the Utility Agency, who we will be seeing more of in a full-length novel in 2016, and I kept laughing throughout the entire short! This is a perfect Christmas story, and I especially loved how the authors managed to re-write and fix in part of "A Story from St. Nicholas" into the story itself.