Review: Apocalypta Z

Apocalypta Z - Maer Wilson

I've read a number of zombie novels, but this was probably one of the most unique. Told partly from the point of view of a poodle puppy, we're not only able to see the apocalypse from a human perspective, but also through the eyes of an animal.


That's not the only thing that makes this story unique. About 50% of the way into the story, we start to learn what caused the zombies to appear, and it's not what I would have expected!


Maddie, Nick, Cienna, and Chloe are a wonderful bunch of main characters. But the book isn't full of just good people and animals. Just like in real life, there are selfish idiots, drunks, and violent gangs... Luckily, the majority want to work together to survive, which gives us a breath of hope throughout the entire story.


Even if you're burned out by the surplus of zombie everything that has been made in recent years, I suggest you give this book a try. It's a fresh and fun look into the end of the world.


I received this book in exchange for an honest review.