Review: Extant

Extant: A Time Travel Short Story - Anthony Vicino
I originally read Extant, by Anthony Vicino, as part of the Time Travel Chronicles (Future Chronicles) and it was a wonderful book to start out the collection with, and to this day it is probably one of the stories that stands out in my mind the most from the collection... and that's saying a lot, because ALL of the stories in that collection were good. Extant is something special, though, giving us a look into a complex universe that I want to learn more about.

In this short story, the author takes us into a world where the gifted can freeze time, race through it, or blink to the past. With all powers, there are those who want to use them for their own gain - but when a young woman is kidnapped, can rest of her team save her? With all good stories, not everything is perfect, even powers that allow you to relive and change time. Can knowing that you're saving the world make up for the horrifying consequences?