Review: Blink

Blink (Utility Company Book 1) - Paul K. Swardstrom, Will Swardstrom, Ellen Langas Campbell

The story started with a blink.

Some may say that the story started with a failed science experiment, or perhaps an experiment that was TOO successful, or even a dry spot on a forehead. In reality, however, the story really does start with that first blink. Looking into the mirror, Nik sees himself blink...and from there, the authors transport us into a wild adventure that crosses dimensions; full of espionage, terrorism, and a whole lot of moments that made me just hold my breath, wondering how Agent Smith was going to get out of this

BLINK is written by two brothers, Will and Paul Swardstrom, and the neat thing about it is that you can't tell it was written by two different people. Their thoughts mesh really well together, giving us well-developed characters full of life, love...hatred too. There are enough twists in the tale to keep even a jaded reader amused, plus an amazing amount of world development, especially when you realize that they really had to create two Earths and provide political and sociological context for what was happening in Earth 2.

I giggled at many of the puns, especially the wording of the agents' names. For example: Agents Smith & Wesson. Johnson & Johnson. Wall & Street. Can you tell they had just a little too much fun with this? And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their humor and wordplay.

This is a book that I didn't want to put down, even when life got in the way. As it is, it's currently 2:27 a.m. while I'm writing this, and while I should be sleeping, instead I'm pouring out my thoughts to share how much I enjoyed this book. The good news is that the authors are planning to write more in this universe, so I know that the adventure isn't over, just paused.

Now, before I go to sleep, I have to finish covering the mirrors in my house. I wouldn't want to see myself blink, after all...