Review: Hope/Less

Hope/Less (Perfect Partners, Incorporated Book 6) - Ann Christy

I don't know where to start... This story is so sad but yet it's wonderful at the same time.

Ella is a PePr, a synthetic being who become sentient. After working for a ten years for a private investigator, she learns that her owner is planning to have her traded in for a newer model. It's ironic that her last assignment is to track down and dismantle an underground network that works to free PePrs.

Ella wants to be free, but she wants to be free legally, not just on the run. She has hopes that someday PePrs will be manumitted, but she's afraid that it won't be soon enough for her.

I feel horrible for Ella. She's worked hard and done her best, and now she finds herself torn between running to survive, or risking being wiped clean, losing who she is.

This was a deeply emotional story for me... One of the best in the author's PePr series.


NOTE: This story takes place prior to "Posthumous" in the PePr timeline of events.