Review: Best New Zombie Tales (Vol.3) [Kindle Edition]

Best New Zombie Tales vol. 3 - James Roy Daley, Tim Lebbon, Paul Kane, Jeremy C. Shipp, Joe McKinney, Nancy Kilpatrick, Nate Southard, Simon Wood

More Zombies!


Zombies are starting to get overdone, but in this 3rd volume or Zombie Tales, there are still surprises to be found. Not every zombie fits the generic Romero zombie type, and it's fun to be inside the head of a zombie. These tales are collected from other magazines, novels, anthologies, etc - but it's a collection so you have to expect that. However, I hadn't read any of these myself, so I was very happy with the selection of stories. Even though this was a 3rd anthology, the stories didn't feel like the dregs of the zombie-land, and they had plenty of fresh new ideas.