Review: The Man Who Ended the World [Kindle Edition]

The Man Who Ended the World - Jason Gurley

What happens when the end isn't soon enough?


Disclaimer: I got this story as part of a packaged set called "A Taste of Tomorrow" that included 11 dystopian novels and/or short stories.

Reading other reviews, I see that some people are complaining about the lack of quotation marks. In fact, I was able to follow the book quite easily in spite of the lack of quotes, and it didn't affect the story for me. This was a neat story about an man who was so obsessed with the end of the world that he builds himself a giant underground bunker... but it's more than just a bunker, it's a world in itself, with beaches and lakes and trees. And the madman who created it is just waiting for the world to end so he can be alone.

I really enjoyed this book for multiple reasons. it gives us the wealthy man's descent into madness - mostly from the lack of human civilization and company. Also, the author was able to tell the story from different points of view, which made the story more real since it filled in the gaps. Instead of the story just being told by the madman, you also have the point of view of the AI who watches him slowly go crazy, and the children who are just trying to survive.

This book interested me enough that I would read more by this author... and I'll have to look up "Earth Abides", which is mentioned several times in this book.


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