Review: The Cured [Kindle Edition]

The Cured - Deirdre Gould

The plague as told from the side of The Cured


I just finished reading The Cured (checked it out from the Kindle Lending Library) and it was a worthy successor to the prior novel, After the Cure. This tells the story of the December Plague from the side of Henry, an ordinary debt collector. Though his eyes, you see how the first Infected reacted, how the city fell apart, the flee to a hopefully safe place, and then the realization that the plague had been with them the entire time.

Most of this novel is set after the cure is found, told by Henry and a group of Cured, with flashbacks to events that happened before this novel started. To make it more interesting, the group of Cured in this novel is the same group the Dr. Nella Rider left a note for in After the Cure. The timeline of this novel starts with the beginning of the December Plague, but the main part of the story (as told by The Cured) starts partway through After the Cure and continues slightly past when that novel ends.

Without giving spoilers, I will just say that the ending of the novel, the Epilogue, is why I gave it 4 starts instead of 5. It's just a little too.... out there. And assuming that the references in the Epilogue are correct, then this book becomes less of the story of Henry and his friends, and more of a struggle between good and evil... or (to be more accurate) what makes something evil and who can judge that.


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