Review: Ghost Hand (The PSS Chronicles) [Kindle Edition]

Ghost Hand (The PSS Chronicles) - Ripley Patton

Where do you go when you have no one to trust?


Olivia was born with a rare birth defect - a hand made out of pure energy, also know as PSS or Psyche Sans Soma. With the first recorded case being a child with a foot made of energy, this is a new phenomenon that started only 22 years ago. So what happened 22 years ago to cause this to happen? Perhaps someday we'll find out, but our main character has more immediate concerns!

Olivia finds herself not knowing who to trust as she realizes that someone she has known her whole life was actually a spy, a group of people called CAMPfers are hunting her down to extract her PSS for their own use... and another group - this time made up of other teens who also have PSS - are holding her in secret to protect her from the others.

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The concept of this book is very interesting, and I'm happy to see a second novel out there to hopefully expand on the details left out of the first one. The pacing of the book is pretty good, and only briefly lagged a few short times, and overall I am impressed by this new author. This book lost 1 star just because it didn't catch my attention enough to keep me glued to it, and also because there are a few points there were just a little too unbelievable:

for example, if this condition is so rare and potentially harmful, Olivia would normally be getting regular medical tests and checkups, and would also most likely be under government surveillance along with the rest of the teens with PSS. The likelihood of someone from CAMPfer being able to kidnap anyone with PSS should be almost impossible unless they are working with government permission, which is not implied or stated anywhere in the book.

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The kindle edition of this book can be picked up for free at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AF1CM0A/?tag=shasworofboo-20