Review: Artificial Evil (Book 1 of The Techxorcist) [Kindle Edition]

Artificial Evil - Colin F. Barnes

This is an excellent first book in a series and something that I think should be added to the "must read" book for anyone interested in either cyberpunk or dystopian literature, since this is a crossover into both genre.

In the future, after the world has collapsed, citizens live in a Dome with "The Family" in charge and in space, watching over them. To prevent overpopulation, there is a Death Lottery - everyone has a chance of winning! Except those who are in The Family and those who created the D Lottery algorithm itself. But something goes wrong, and Gerry, one of the highest on the exempt list as someone who helped code the D Lottery, has been chosen to be a winner. This gives him a one week left to live before dying.

And only one week to find out what went wrong and fix it.... because if he can be pulled for the Death Lottery, what would stop the President of one of The Family?


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