Review: New Point [Kindle Edition]

New Point - Olivia Luck

Nine months after she talked a madman down and prevented him from hurting the children she was supposed to protect, Zoe is still having flashbacks and anxiety attacks. Leaving Chicago, Zoe moves to a small lakefront town in Michigan to start her life over. What she wanted was to become a librarian and provide a fun reading camp for the local and visiting children. What she didn't expect to find was love.


This is the story of Zoe and Miles. Both of them have been through hardship of varying levels and both find it difficult to trust people. When Zoe's past is brought to light, can their relationship survive?


This is the first book in the Point series, a series of connected characters with their own stories to tell. And if the rest of the books in this series are as great as this first one, I look forward to reading them. In New Point, Olivia Luck makes the characters come alive, and you feel their happiness and pain, their hopes and dreams. I will admit it... I cried. I became an emotional wreck at times while reading this book. I cried in sadness, empathizing with the characters. I cried in happiness as well. This is a great book, however I do suggest keeping a box of tissues next to you while reading it.


NOTE: I read this book through netgalley in exchange for an honest review.




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