Review: Upgraded

Upgraded - Robert Reed, Peter Watts, Neil Clarke, Madeline Ashby, Tobias S. Buckell

Welcome to the future where cybernetic implants are the norm, and people look askance if you are more human than not. Well... not all stories show the might of machine over humanity, but it is one of the options available in this collection of tales all-cyber all-the time.


If you're a fan of a future or alternate present where mechanical or electrical limbs and organs are available, and where you can view the internet inside your skull, you will probably find at least one story to enjoy out of the twenty-six available by twenty-six authors. The enclosed tales include humans with implants made necessary by accident or disease, children wholly human who are raised with robotic grandparents, a future where cybernetic implants in your eyes or brain are considered natural, and everything in between. If someone wanted to put together a collection of every possible scenario regarding robots or humans with cybernetic parts, they are certainly as close as may be possible with this novel!


Not all of the stories in this collection were interesting to me... however, the majority of them were well-written and gave me an insight into a possible future in this world or another. For fans of science fiction, robotics, or just human nature when faced with unlimited possibilities, this is a great book and one that I would certainly recommend.


The stories included in this collection, including the Editor introduction, are:


Introduction - Neil Clarke, Editor

Always the Harvest - Yoon Ha Lee

A Cold Heart - Tobias S. Buckell

The Sarcophagus - Robert Reed

Oil of Angels - Chen Qiufan

What I've Seen With Your Eyes - Jason K. Chapman

No Place to Dream, but a Place to Die - Elizabeth Bear

Married - Helena Bell

Come From Away - Madeline Ashby

Negative Space - Amanda Forrest

Fusion - Greg Mellior

Taking the Ghost - A.C. Wise

Honeycomb Girls - Erin Cashier

The Regular - Ken Liu

Tender - Rachel Swirsky

Tongtong's Summer - Xia Jia

Musée de l'Âme Seule - E. Lily Yu

Wizard, Cabalist, Ascendant - Seth Dickinson

Memories and Wire - Mari Ness

God Decay - Rich Larson

Small Medicine - Genevieve Valentine

Mercury in Retrograde - Erin Hoffman

Coastlines of the Stars - Alex Dally MacFarlane

The Cumulative Effects of Light Over Time - E. Catherine Tobler

Synecdoche Oracles - Benjamin Sriduangkaew

Collateral - Peter Watts

Seventh Sight - Greg Egan


NOTE: I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley for review purposes.



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